Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tribunal lifts crazy ban on Malik

Well no fool on earth would have upheld the one year ban on Shoaib Malik which in addition was also supported with a fine of Rs2 million all for coming back empty handed in the tour of Australia earlier this year where Pakistan lost 9 games to Australia which included 3 tests, 5 one day internationals and one T20 game. But, this should not mean any sort of crazy action like what the PCB has been seen doing. One has to wonder what does one mean by a fine of 2 million rupees. Not even a burglar would have been made to pay this much fine.

Condemnations have come in from all corners of the globe regarding the PCB's ban on eight Pakistani players and as mentioned above the fine of 2 million rupees. If the performance of the Pakistani players in Australia were shocking, more shocking was the way their cricket board reacted to that performance. The PCB should have gone mentally sick when such a crazy fine and punishment was imposed on the players. This condemnation does not mean that the bad patch created by the Pakistani players need to be given a go ahead. Such poor performance does not deserve any sort of pardon no matter what.

The PCB was never found taking any such decisions towards the Pakistani players when they were omitted from the world cup in 2007 after losing their matches against West Indies and Ireland, which Pakistan was expected to win effortlessly. However, the PCB was found taking a similar decision when Pakistan failed to get past the initial round after losing their round robin games to Australia, England and India in the 2003 world cup held in South Africa. This was just another bilateral series by Pakistan and a loss should not have been dealt with so crazily. But, forgiving such a hapless performance is totally out of the way.

In case the court had upheld Shoaib Malik's ban, people's thinking towards the court would had to change for the wrong reasons. It is not Pakistan alone who have returned with an empty hand from Australia. Even teams like South Africa, India and England have failed to win a test series in Australia. Their performance might have been better than Pakistan in 2010 but not satisfactory. Pakistan did everything they could to get into the semis of the world T20 and also tried enough to enter the finals which by bad luck didn't happen. And coming to the end, even the ICC should ban Pakistan from playing cricket for failing to host any cricket matches in its country since past 3 years that is if at all PCB's action in justified.

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