Monday, May 31, 2010

Better but not enough from WI

Well since the start of the bilateral series between the West Indies and South Africa, there has always been an improvement from the West Indies from match to match which has seen them lose rather less miserably compared to hat had happened to them in the earlier match. And, this time as well in the fourth one day match between the two nations mentioned, the West Indies for the first time in this tournament posted a total in excess of 300 but to no avail when they still lost the match to the Proteas by 7 wickets thus making it four in a row.

Atleast after their loss in the third one day, the West Indies were expected to bounce back and save some face by winning the remaining two inconsequential match against South Africa. But, one of them has already been lost by the West Indies and there is one more to go which still favors the Proteas than the West Indians. The match reached the ultimate delivery of the match which the West indies team could have still cashed in upon. But, that never seemed so for the West indies who can only win against any non test playing nation or worst come Bangladesh.

On the other side of the cricketing world, the Zimbabwe team which loses matches against even Bangladesh is seen beating India despite India posting a total of 289 on the board. With the present day West Indies team being so hungry to lose, the remaining teams can well reserve all their experimenting with the West Indies rather than Bangladesh or any other non test playing nation. One has to imagine how come the West Indies managed a win against India in the super eights of the world T20 held in their home a couple of weeks back! Is it their home team advantage that gave them the edge?

In the previous game, which was the last chance for the West Indies to save the series, they had bowled the South Africans to a below par total of 224 but failed to chase down the same when they lost all their wickets for a score less than 175. And this time, despite posting a total in excess of 300, they failed to defend it. So, one has to imagine where on earth does the West Indies go wrong? They fail to defend a huge total when batting first and also fail to chase a mere total when bowling first. Forget about defending the total, they could not take more than three South African wickets.

Such improvement does not guarantee a place for the teammates. Is Chris Gayle there?

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