Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anything else Mr.Chris Gayle?

The West Indian cricketers as well as fans would have now got used to losing matches or may they have got used to the same long back and it is now been realized by me. Whatever, it has to be considered as the ill fate of world cricket that a team that has had three world cup finals out of which they have won two against the strongest nations of that time is now found itself in shambles. One cannot recall the last time they came above Bangladesh or Zimbabwe in one day cricket and above Bangladesh in test cricket.

May be in the coming future, Bangladesh is going to overtake West Indies in both tests as well as ODIs. It should not matter to the West Indies Cricket Board as to whom it is playing as no matter which team travels to which country, the result is the same. West Indies lose the match by so many runs or so many wickets. And then West Indies lose the series something-0. This is the West Indies team which has had three ICC champions trophy finals which no other team in the world has been able to do. Not even by Australia.

In the beginning of the tournament, the West Indies captain Chris Gayle had threatened his fellow teammates of losing their spot in the squad in case they fail to show a decent performance. It is no doubt that the performance of the West Indies team is found to improve match by match when every match sees the West Indies team losing by a smaller margin compared to their loss in the previous game they played. This time as well, for the 1st time in this series, the West Indies were able to bowl out the Proteas well before the 50 overs.

But, the other side of the coin is also that the West Indies team lost all their 10 wickets against South Africa for the third consecutive time in this series. For the first time in this series, the West Indies team were able to bowl out the South Africans for a score less than 250. And also for the first time in this series, the West Indies lost all their ten wickets for a score less than 200 and just above 150. A line of 175 on the board would be ideal to judge the West Indies, which would still see them fall short by 18 runs.

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