Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rare case where the best two qualify for the finals

Well with the finals of the world T20 about to begin in a few hours from now onwards, there is of course a lot to be seen and thought about the tournament finals which have been sealed by Australia and England that is needless to be said. One other aspect that is evident is that both Australia and England are the number 1 and number 2 teams in this tournament though one requires a thorough search in the points table to find England. Australia are yet to lose in this tournament and England have lost only one game to the West Indies in the initial stages which showed the bad fortune of the England team.

England were bowled out for a partly score of just 120 in the group match against Ireland which happened to be abandoned for reason needless to be cited specially. And since then onwards, England have never looked back no matter what. England won their matches against Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa when odds had voted against England. Odds would have surely predicted a white wash for England with all the three teams mentioned above being far ahead in the international rankings for world T20. For the first time in T20 or may be after a long time England are found making their presence felt in world cricket.

On the other Australia as expected defeated each and every team that it encountered starting from Pakistan in the group stages to the same Pakistan in the semi finals. This is a rare case where the top two teams from the mega tournament qualify for the finals. This has happened in the one day world cup on last two occasions with India in 2003 and Sri Lanka in 2007 qualifying for the finals after being placed in the 2nd position. In 1999, the finals should have been South Africa and Pakistan if the ratings in that tournament is considered. And in 1996, the finals should have been between Sri Lanka and South Africa.

In the 1992 world cup, the finals should have taken place between New Zealand and may be South Africa or England, with both the teams being equally eligible for the slot. Coming to the world T20 tournaments, in 2007, the winners never ever stood a chance to even come to the finals in the beginning of the tournament and the finals should have been between South Africa and Pakistan. So should have been the case in the 2009 edition of the T20 world cup where Pakistan should have lost to South Africa in the semis and finals should have been between Sri Lanka and South Africa. But this has not been the case with any of the tournaments.

This should be considered as the right combination to play the finals of a mega tournament with no bad luck playing its part.

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