Monday, May 17, 2010

How much money did you betting freaks lose?

Well the result of last night's encounter between Australia and England would have sent shocking waves to all those cricket lovers and more so to those freaks who would have gone on to have a bet on their favorite team Australia. It would not be wrong to say that the only supporters for England would have been the ones who hate Australia for their dominance in world cricket and who cannot digest the fact that Australia are the most unbeatable team in world cricket at present. And the other bunch of England supporters would be the people from Great Britain who can never support any other team but their own nation.

Well that is not anyone's mistake for, it would be a disaster well in advance for all those who would have had their bet on England rather than Australia. People would hardly have their bet on any team that would face Australia for reasons no necessary here and needless at the same time. With much people betting on Australia, people who would have bet on England would have made an exceptional killing no matter what. However, if anybody would ask me, it should have been Australia to walk away with the honors and not England. It was Australia who overcame all hurdles enroute to the finals.

The match of Australia against Pakistan in the semi finals of the world cup can never be forgot and they deserve all sorts of applause available in the world for that. Australia had not lost a single match enroute to the finals of the world cup with England on the other hand having lost to West Indies in the initial stages of the tournament and would have had to make a grand exit from the tournament in case the match against Ireland in the group stage happened to take off smoothly. But, destiny had totally different plans and England took home their first honors.

This is one of the rare instances where history has not found to repeat itself. If one goes by India - Pakistan encounters in world cups, India have won all four matches against Pakistan tough outside the world Pakistan has won more matches against India than it has lost. And so has been the case with Brian Lara who got to thr highest individual score in test cricket when he scored an unbeaten score of 400 against the same opposition on the same ground. But, if England's history in the finals of the world tournament is considered, England have lost all the finals despite being in winning situations against Australia in 1987 and the West Indies in the 2004 ICC CT.

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