Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pakistan's 11th loss to Australia

Last night I had written a post regarding the bad luck that the Aussies were bound to witness the coming day which happened to be true for reasons best said by the scorecard of yesterday's semi finals between Australia and Pakistan. Though Australia won the match which was a thriller, the match almost took the breath away from the Aussies until the last run had been scored. This would not have been the case if Australia had been teamed up with any of the other two teams namely England and Sri Lanka. This will surely go down as one of the most fascinating thrillers that the cricketing world has ever seen.

The match showed all the signs that Pakistan would make it to the finals of a T20 world cup yet another time making it the only team to have done so. Right now also, Pakistan are the only team to have made it to the semi finals of a T20 world cup on three occasions and the only team to have made it to the finals of a T20 world cup on twice. Until yesterday's semi final match between Australia and Pakistan, the highest aggregate team total was 195 scored by Sri Lanka against the West Indies in the super eight of the same.

Now, the highest team total in this edition of the world cup is pocketed by Aussies and another fact that needs to be applauded is that they did it batting second which is great. This reminds me of the match between Australia and South Africa where South Africa chased down 434 to become the team that boasted for the all time highest total (at that time) in one day internationals by batting second. The first and the third highest team totals of this world T20 are now scored in the same match. This could have been another tight finish for Pakistan given their earlier ones against England and New Zealand.

Both Australia and Pakistan would have never wanted to face each other in any part of the tournament. Pakistan would have welcome any team to face in the semi finals but not Australia and Australia on the other hand would have been ready for any team but Pakistan. But, destiny had different plans which scheduled the semis that both the teams last sought for. Finally, justice was done when a team which at one stage ddn't even look like making it to the semis not only made it there but also threatened to walk away with the honors. It would not have been a tough choice to predict Pakistan as winners of the world T20 tournament had they won the semis.

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