Friday, May 21, 2010

Improvement from the West Indies

One can imagine the fate when a bugler steals a less amount of money after he was advised not to do so when he had stolen a fairly large amount. And the situation is no different from the one mentioned above if the performance of the West Indies team in the second T20 game against South Africa is considered. West Indies had lost the first T20 game against South Africa by a margin of 13 runs just a couple of days ago. And the one they lost on that day was just a couple of days after Chris Gayle warned his team mates of a severe consequence in case they failed to perform upto the mark.

So, in the second T20 game against the Proteas, the West Indies team redefined the meaning of a better performance when they declared that a better performance means a smaller margin of defeat, which was until then meant in making up for a loss in the previous game. I wish one should have watched the game which is referred to as a thriller by most of them commentating right there. But, once again, even the word thriller is being redefined when there are many such thrillers involving the West Indies team. And these thrillers are most of them shared by South Africa over West Indies.

Most of the so called thrillers between South Africa and West Indies are won by the Proteas and still the word "thriller" is being repeatedly used by major cricketing sites, TV channels and commentators. One can see the scorecard of the match to find how stupid it would have been to come across such a game. If the West Indians are weak, then that should have seen the South Africans thrashing them the way they decide. But, all that the South Africans could do was to pile up 120 runs at just 6 runs an over. May be that is the reason why the Proteas failed to make it to the semis of the world T20 last week.

It would be nice to highlight from the match that both the team played for 20 overs each and lost 7 wickets in their batting innings. Both the teams out there had their opener getting out for a duck when Loots Bosman from the South African side joined hands with the West Indian opener Chris Gayle to return back to the pavilion for naught. There were 9 bowlers from both the sides to have bowled their complete quota of 4 overs. It is stupid to say that a couple more from the West Indies would have seen them through the game for, that is obvious.

Finally, the West Indies team showed some improvement when they reduced the margin of defeat.

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