Thursday, May 20, 2010

The assault starts on West Indies

Well no words or actions can stop the West Indies team from losing be it on their home turf or outside, the result is never bound to change. West Indies lose their first T20 match against South Africa played at North Sound yesterday. The threatening call from the West Indian captain Chris Gayle is still not found to work one can suppose. The warning from the WICB goes unanswered by everyone from the West Indies squad that includes Chris Gayle. In fact, Chris Gayle's name must appear first in the list of the probables who should be shown the doors for his performance in the first T20 game against the Proteas.

By god's grace and a lot of co operation from the West Indian side, one could see a five wicket haul being taken by McLaren when he was about to complete his full quota of 4 overs when he fell just 1 ball short. This was all the more expected and such statements from Chris Gayle can only make people laugh. The WICB would be far from being satisfied despite their team's loss if the West Indies lose with some dignity unlike the way it is happening now or since the last decade. So far, in international cricket there have been batsmen getting out without scoring a single run but it rarely happens that the batsman even fails to play a delivery before he gets out.

Once again anyone who missed watching yesterday's match missed something really interesting. The first one as mentioned being the 5 wicket haul by McLaren and second one being the rare situation where Deonarine gets out for a duck without even playing a single delivery, not even the ball for which he was out. Deonarine was out for a ball that was declared wide by the umpires which on one side added an extra run to the West Indian side and on the other hand a wicket to the South African side. The second event was unexpected. This is a rare case where a bowler is applauded for something which should have seen him invite a penalty.

Some highlights for the West Indies to feel comfortable would be that they lost the match by just 13 runs which is not that bad a loss than what the fans would have thought it to be. When ever the West Indies team is playing, a more challenging bet would be to predict the margin of loss the West Indies team will suffer, with the fact that they will surely lose the game already being obliged by one and all. Scorecard of the match reveals that the West Indies captain bought in 8 out of ten player to bowl. With one game already in front of us, it would be more fascinating for all of us to see how the series might end. So lets wait and watch.

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