Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cricket in USA but not by USA

Well news says it that there'd be a two match T20 series involving New Zealand and Sri Lanka at neither Sri Lanka nor in the Kiwi land. Instead the matches will be held in USA keeping in mind the large Asian population in that country. And, with this being the reason, the assertion says something everything different when we hear that the ICC wants to globalize the game of cricket especially the T20 format of the game which is fast evolving. By this, obviously the question whether the ICC really wants to globalize the other two formats of the game or not arises.

There are tests and one day matches which are hungry for takers at the global level and just because there has been a lot of money into the shortest version of the game and the fan following that drives the T20 game, the ICC has everything in store for this format of the game. The iCC looks like it has no concern for that version of the game of cricket where a batsman's real temperament is tested. Neither does the ICC wants to bring forward the one day internationals which has seen bringing in people to the stands despite the 8 hour long day it consumes.

And all these is needless to be said. Coming to the schedule of the two T20 matches as above, it would no doubt be interesting to watch not because the game would approach a step towards globalisation as said by the ICC but for the reason that the teams can get a sense of a new pitch unlike the way it has been happening in the 8-10 countries during the rest of the year. One can see the pitches and the conditions in the American sub continent which is totally different from say Australia or England. This would be the 3rd nation from the American continent after the Caribbean.

So far, if not for the West Indies & Canada, no other nation from the American continent has been able to make it to the international cricket compared to 5 from Asian continent and the European continent which has seen teams like Holland, Scotland, Bermuda and Ireland along with England. Though these nations don't play test cricket, they are regularly found wearing the team uniform more often than not these days. Similarly there have been teams like Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya from the African continent in addition of the presence of the Proteas. Whether the teams that host cricket benefit or not, there can be spectators who can go to stadiums and watch their favorite game which is not the case otherwise.

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