Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Gayle warning under performers or the WICB?

Well the world is still aware of the way most of the senior West Indian cricketers went on strike at this time last year owing to some disputes regarding the contract of the players. This in turn made way for the young legs from the Caribbean to make it to the playing XI no matter what the result of the match or the series had to say. West Indies became the first test playing nation to not only lose a test and a one day series to Bangladesh but also became the first ever team to get whitewashed by Bangladesh. And what is worse! This happened to the West Indians on their home ground.

Now, ahead of West Indies' series against South Africa that is due in a week, Chris Gayle has threatened his fellow teammates to breathe their last in West Indies cricket in case they fail to perform in the upcoming series against South Africa. It was the very same West Indian in Chris Gayle who had predicted a 4-1 series win for his team over Australia in Australia in the five match one day series played earlier this year. Whatever, personal views stand apart unless they are proved wrong and Chris Gayle happened to be one or another such lad who made a meaningless statement.

Whatever, coming to Chris Gayle's current statement wherein he warns his under performers especially batsmen to quit in case they fail to be upto the mark in the upcoming series against the Proteas. It is more of a reality that the Chris Gayle led West Indies team is bound to crash this time as well like it has been happening since almost a decade against South Africa. And the funny aspect of all these is that the first culprit for the West Indies' team's debacle happens to be Chris Gayle himself. In that case, the very first player to be shown the doors would have to be Gayle himself before anybody else.

No doubt that Gayle is the only answer in today's West Indian cricket for he along with Chanderapaul form almost 75% of their batting though not being able to win games for West Indies but save some face for them by reducing the margin of defeat from a miserable one to a healthy defeat. In case Gayle's words are really meant and the WICB takes the step of banning under performers, one can imagine the fate of the team which would not be different from the one that faced lost to Bangladesh last year. Putting it simple, what can one do when there is such a scarcity of talent in the West Indies team. Of course, banning is not the solution, in case of any doubt, ask PCB.

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