Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whats Dhoni upto?

Well after the world cup victory, which happens to be the ultimate dream of any cricket captain, all news flash upon this hero who has made this dream come true for his team and for the whole country. I'd just for fun ask him what sort of underwear does this lad prefer which makes him hold his nerves tight despite pressure building every moment though fortune favors him with people like Sachin Tendulkar on one hand and Yuvraj Singh on the other. Added to that would be the presence of Zaheer Khan whose contribution with the ball is as good as Yuvraj's with the bat.

I think Dhoni must have been on a hunt just like me to find what chantelle exactly is still not getting what he wants. Likewise, even I wonder what this stuff is all about. Could this be some stuff related to the world of cricket of outside it for, this is a cricket blog and I'm confused what it really means. However, that would be found out very soon. Likewise, a world cup dream is as good as a wacoal bras dream for any women. Glad that Dhoni did it. Not all can. Captain cool..but this is really hot.

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