Friday, April 8, 2011

Had a cricketer known this

Well with anti doping measures being made strict ever, even the intake of legal steroid would most of the times pop up issues like it was evident just after the 2003 world cup was inaugurated when the legendary Australian leg spinner-Shane Warne was forced to return back from the squad with little or absolutely no fault of his. Warne was victimized for taking a so called banned steroid which the cricketer doesn't to go well with. Prior to that as well, English cricketers have been penalized for their drug habits for which they have a totally different story to tell than what has been heard by all of us.

But, I totally don't agree with that for one, the cricketer should be aware of what he is taking and the way it affects his performance on the field. Anyways, now I guess cricketers should not be doing such a mistake either knowingly or unknowingly for here comes the one and the only site where you can buy steroids online and that too which are permitted may be by the ICC unless there is an overdose. I had a cricketer friend who was looking for one such steroid and wasn't successful in finding one.

It was then that I searched for the same online and I was glad for being of some use to a friend and at the same time for finding something interesting for myself as well. Perhaps! Had Shane Warne from Australia or Mohammed Asif from Pakistan been aware of such steroids, may be we could have seen Warne taking 800 wickets which would have made his play for a year more and we fans might have seen a never-again leg spinner turning it like no one else. Of course, these steroids for sale banner keeps ticking my mind every time I think of cricketers.

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