Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something fishy in the tri series

Well if the ongoing triangular series involving India, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe is considered, there can be something fishy smelt with much unexpected results happening. The latest development in this regard is the win of Zimbabwe over Sri Lanka no matter by which margin. And the margin wa also unexpected in case someone wants to give it a thought. This is rarely possible in case of Zimbabwe who can't even think of beating Bangladesh be it at home or outside. On the other side also, Zimbabwe are seen beating India rather convincingly not once but twice in the encounters they have faced.

This can partially be assumed to be the result of the Indian selectors resting most all of their players with an intention of giving the young legs a chance and also senior players rest before the big game in the Asia cup would begin. But still there were the likes of Suresh Raina, Rohith Sharma and Zaheer Khan among the list who could have saved face for India atleast against Zimbabwe though not against Sri Lanka. But, the funny side of the tournament happened to be the fact that India managed to win a game against Sri Lanka which is comparatively stronger than Zimbabwe but lose to Zimbabwe.

Moreover, Sri Lanka lose their last encounter to Zimbabwe by eight wickets which makes people think in the other way. One thing which can justify the Sri Lankans' attitude is that since they had already made it to the finals and they would have taken this match against Zimbabwe less seriously one can suppose. The scorecard suggests that the Sri Lankans were not deprived of any of their players owing to rest with Dilshan, Kapugedra and Samaraweera still being in the squad for this to happen. It would not be a surprise in case Sri Lanka lose the finals to give Zimbabwe their maiden triangular series victory.

Though the match was inconsequential, Sri Lanka should have won it in case people's thinking should not swing towards the bad side. The finals of the tournament will no doubt be won by Sri Lanka but, if the ongoing developments are given a close look at, things are not clear whether there is any ful play involved or not. The only hope would be the fact that there would hardly be anyone who would have his bet on either of the team for the series is not a well sought after one. But, this should not and cannot be considered to be the reason to be a fair play when results go unexpected with a lot of difference inbetween.

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