Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Too early for Saurabh Tiwary

Well, he has just crossed 20 years of age and his name is finalized for the upcoming Asia cup that involves Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in addition to India. And, the fact that Saurabh Tiwary is chosen by resting Sachin Tendulkar should no doubt make him feel even more great. One need not question the dropping of Yuvraj Singh and resting Sachin Tendulkar for one of the most important series - the Asia cup. This is the cup that will term the strongest team in the subcontinent and luckily, the ICC is found to have made it a regular affair like the Ashes.

This is the fourth Asia cup since 2000 and as mentioned, one can hope this to be a regular event in the ICC's international calender that would take place once in two years. This was not the case previously, when there was one such event in 2000 and another in 2004 and the next in 2008 with a gap of 4 years inbetween. And this one in 2010 has happened after a gap of two years. However, that apart, coming to the inclusion of Saurabh Tiwary, one has to think whether that was a decent choice or not, for the lad has got a long way still.

For the sake, one has to recall the way Parthiv Patel was bought into the international arena which also saw him make it to the world cup in 2003 held in South Africa where India had their 2nd final. But Parthiv Patel was not the part of the playing eleven despite there being no regular wicket keeper with Rahul Dravid doing the job for his team despite his lack of expertise in that field. And today, one can hardly recall who Parthiv Patel is. The only cricket that he plays is in the Indian Premier League where he has signed up for the Chennai Superkings. Still, one has to notice that Parthiv Patel is not made to keep wickets unless Dhoni goes off.

And, more than calling it a possibility, it is more than certain that Saurabh Tiwary will not be made to feature in the playing eleven. Similar cases have been seen regarding other players like Sourav Ganguly who made his international debut in 1992 only to become the permanent member of the Indian team in 1996 after the world cup. However, the lone player who can be kept out of the list is Sachin Tendulkar who despite making his debut at the age of 16 is still daring the bowlers and may be goes on for another world cup or so.

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