Friday, May 7, 2010

Will SL do it this time?

Well a sudden look at the title of the post would indeed spark a lot of hasty responses when one suggests the team that has lost its very first encounter in the tournament as favorites to lift the trophy. But, if the previous editions are considered along with the winners and runners up, fortune has to favor Sri Lanka to win this year's world T20 tournament. Not only because its other two subcontinental counterparts namely India and Pakistan have had their shares but there are lots more that can make people bet on Sri Lanka. Though their performance and body language doesn't seem to support this.

If the first edition of the world T20 is considered, the winners were India and runners up were Pakistan. That tournament was held in South Africa, which is the venue where India ended as runners up in the world cup 2003 after being thrashed by the mighty Aussies. And in the same edition of the world cup, Pakistan didn't even make it to the super six stage and Pakistan ended up as runners up of the world T20 there. And, coming to the second world T20 tournament, the winners were Pakistan and runners up were Sri Lanka. That tournament was played at England, which is the venue where the 1999 world cup was played.

If Sri Lanka's performance in the 1999 world cup at England is considered, they didn't even manage to make it to the second stage of the tournament which was the super six stage. And, Pakistan made it to the finals of the tournament once again being defeated by Australia. The same two teams reached the finals of the world T20 2009 at England. What a coincidence! Similary and coincidentially, this edition of the tournament is being played in the West Indies which was the venue where the 2007 world cup was being held. And that world cup had Sri Lanka facing the Aussies in the finals.

Now, if one goes by the odds, Sri Lanka has to win the world T20 this year. However, in the world cup 2007, both the other subcontinent teams namely India and Pakistan failed to go past the initial stage of the tournament. This brings up an ambiguity weather it is India who would be facing Sri Lanka or Pakistan who would be facing Sri Lanka. And, moreover the runners up in the previous edition have so far been the winners in the next. However, this might not exactly happen with atleast 6 other teams being there to fight it out in a decent manner. But, odds definitely favor Sri Lanka.

But, we had a prediciton earlier as well regarding the winners of the IPL who'd be the team having the purple cap which ultimately didn't happen. Lets see how it all works out. Until then let us enjoy the world T20.

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