Saturday, May 8, 2010

Murali's absense a gain for Lanka

Well it is written as a curse or a major setback for the Sri Lankan team in the ongoing world T20 in the Caribbean. But one has to think that the absence of the veteran off spinner is a blessing in disguise for the Sri Lankan team. There is no one disputing Muralitharan's contribution to the Sri Lankan for the past 15 years or so. But, one has to more than realize the fact that Murali's contribution to the Sri Lankan team is restricted only to test matches and one day internationals and that too which is a now only a history.

Muttiah Muralitharan reached the zenith in late 2007 when he took his 710th test victim to surpass the Australian legend Shane Warne who ended his career with 709 wickets just a year before Murali overtook him. And since then, there has hardly been any news about the off spinner who even surpassed Wasim Akram when he claimed his 503rd victim in one day internationals against India. Is has been almost two and a half years since Muttiah Muralitharan overtook Shane Warne to become the highest wicket taker in test cricket and by now, if one has to listen to his fans, they'd expect much more from Murali.

By now, Muttiah Muralitharan should have crossed the 800 wicket mark which is still due. Muralitharan didn't make news when he claimed the 750th test victim. And when it comes to the one day internationals, Muralitharan should have atleast crossed the 550 mark but both of which are yet to happen. And in addition to these facts, the indisputable fact about Muralitharan is that his elbow bends when he delivers the ball which have made most of the western teams raise their voice against Murali. The Aussies should be proud for having a major share in that which is a different issue here.

However, the fact that is recent about Muralitharan is that he will not be available for the remainder of the T20 world owing to a groin injury. The Sri Lankan cricket selection committee is found to be clueless regarding whom to picl and whom not to. This is quite evident from the selection of Sanath Jayasuriya who by now should have seen either shouting in front of the mike in the commentary room or else warming himself with his wife and kids. And the 2nd disaster is the selection of Muralitharan who can hardly be of any use in the shortest format of the game. This could in turn harm Murali's performance in the other two formats of the game as well which he intends in playing for a couple of years more.

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