Saturday, April 17, 2010

Odds favor the Deccan Chargers to win IPL3

A couple of days back, cricket avatar was found warning the Mumbai Indians' captain - Sachin Tendulkar for wearing the orange cap considering the fate of the teams that had a player wearing the orange cap namely the Kings XI Punjab in 2008 and the Chennai Super Kings in 2009. Added to that similarity, both the teams that lost the semis after having a player wearing the orange cap had the name Kings in their team name and were captained by Singhs. Anyways, with that being a different issue altogether, the story right now has got to do with the advancement of the Deccan Chargers after their win over KXIP.

The Deccan Chargers came back from nowhere to win the game yesterday against the Kings XI Punjab after the latter scored 174 runs and in the process losing just 3 wickets. This somehow has got to do with Pragyan Ojha who is wearing the purple cap this time. At one point of time in this tournament, the same Deccan Chargers were found being placed in the 7th position with only Kings XI Punjab having a worse record compared to them. And, after yesterday's win, the Deccan Chargers are now placed in the 4th position which is more than enough for them to make it to the knock out stage.

If the teams with orange cap holders are found choking in the semi finals of the tournament, when it comes to teams having a purple cap holder, it has always been a sign of fortune with both the teams triumphing with them having a purple cap holder in them. Though the Mumbai Indians have at present in the top most position and stand apart when compared to the other 7 teams, a loss in the semi finals is more than enough to see them ending their dreams in this edition of the IPL. Just before the match against the Kings XI Punjab, the Deccan Chargers were placed in the 6th position.

This means that it was a matter of just one match that could make a difference for the same. If their earlier record was considered, the Deccan Chargers were thought to play a spoilsport by not making it to the semi finals of the IPL when it was placed in the 6th position, thus turning down all the misfortune and fortune that was until the last edition bought by orange cap and purple cap holders. But, the case has changed since yesterday's match. Irrespective of who topped the rankings and who did not, semi finals is totally a different game. This was evident with the Delhi team losing in the semis last year after having 2 wins in the league stages the same edition.

And, this time, in case the Mumbai team loses either in the semis (which is evident with Sachin wearing the orange cap), one can see a glimpse of South Africa in them.

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