Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do the RCB deserve to move to the semis?

Yesterday, the Royal Challengers Bangalore not only ended up on the losing side but also welcomed defeat with both hands when they dropped catches at will, with a couple of leg before decisions going the Mumbai Indians' way. One can never forgive the two catches dropped by Dale Steyn off one over bowled by Anil Kumble. The first catch can be given a pass but not the second which landed safely in Steyn's hands only to be dropped seconds later. This was not the first time the RCB were found dropping catches. Prior to this, the RCB were found dropping catches against the Deccan Chargers as well.

After yesterday's match against the Mumbai Indians, the Royal Challengers had equal number of wins as that of the defeats. If the Royal Challengers' campaign in this tournament is given a close look at, their wins and the way they have been achieved give a different picture of the team that is now placed in the second position of the points table. The entire RCB campaign shows only their wins against Mumbai Indians in the first round to be the most impressive win. Then, comes the win against the Kings XI Punjab where RCB chased down 200+ total at Bangalore.

And the only victory that is worth rejoicing for the RCB was the one against the Chennai Superkings which they won by 36 runs once again at Bangalore. Out of the 7 games which the RCB won, 4 of them were won at Bangalore which constitutes for more than 50% of their wins. Also, they have lost 3 games at Bangalore. Even if that is to be given a pass for theuir wins against Mumbai Indians at Mumbai and Chennai Superkings at Chennai, the other side of the coin also suggests that four of their wins have come against Punjab and Rajasthan who are placed in the bottom of the points table.

And then, the RCB had a win against the Kolkata Knightriders who have show a better performance compared to their previous two editions of the IPL when they finished in the 8th position, this time to finish 6th. Though a win against Kolkata doesn't come in for much applause, a loss against the same brings in a lot of disappointment and that was what the RCBs were upto. They had no reasons to lose to Deccan Chargers despite in both occasions having the match well in their hands. First time, the RCBs put up a total in excess of 180 to see them lose by 7 wickets on their home ground.

And then, in the 2nd encounter, the RCBs were able to take three quick wickets which were followed by two drop catches immediate to that. And, if a team is not able to chase down 150+ total in a neutral venue, they shouldn't deserve to be in the 2nd position.As far as the RCBs are considered, the only teams worth beating in this IPL would have been the Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad team. And, Bangalore has lost both their matches to Delhi and Hyderabad and one to Mumbai.

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