Monday, February 1, 2010

Victory-The Aussie way

Well until the end of the fourth one dayer between Australia and Pakistan, I had accused Pakistan for not involving themselves into the game whatsoever. This included a number of factors like picking up the wrong combination in the playing XI, under using the bowlers, using part time bowlers more than necessary which are one of the few factors that justify for the Pakistani defeat in the first 4 one dayers. However, as expected, Pakistan lost the fifth and the final one day match also to Australia by 2 wickets but not the way the Pakistan team lost the first four.

It was in the 49th over when the Aussie tail-ender Ryan Harris was batting and Australia needed one run to win from 4 balls and a waist height full toss from Ifthikar Anjum was bowled. That hit the bat and landed safely in the hands of Shahid Afridi only to be signalled as a NO-BALL from the umpire Ashoka DeSilva that sealed Pakistani hopes of pulling off a thriller in the last one dayer. Rarely would have anybody seen such a ball signalled a NO-BALL in international cricket. As far as the rules of the game goes, the ball should cross the batsman's shoulder full-toss in case it is to be signalled a NO-BALL whatsoever.

One way the decision can be justified is by calling a waist as a shoulder. Had it not been for that, the match worst come, would have ended in a tie with still Pakistan going empty handed in the one day series. But, the way Australia has achieved this success makes a lot of tongues to wag. This no doubt reminds anyone about the Sydney test in 2007 where 8 decisions were wrong that was evident to even a common man let alone the cricket world. However, an outlook of the match suggests that Pakistan atleast in the last game tried to contain the Aussies, which was actually not the case.

Pakistan may have bought the Aussie batsmen close to 50 overs to chase the target of 213 they had imposed. The Aussie batsmen might have lost 8 wickets enroute to their run chase. But, still it was the Aussies who had lost interest in the latch that led to Pakistan cashing in on the chances. Australia, after having taken an unbeatable lead in any bilateral series played in the last couple of years have been found to neglect the last one. They had won the first 6 games against England after their loss in the Ashes 2009, only to lose the last one dayer and with that the chance to become the first team to have inflicted a 7-0 whitewash. So was the case against India in 2007, where Australia lost the last one dayer by 2 wickets in the match where Murali Karthik claimed his career best 6/27.

So, the only victory tie the Pakistan team can boast about is owing to the fact that Ryan Harris was given a needless life which should have found the umpires raise his fingers owing to the same. Pakistan have been completely been outplayed.

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