Sunday, January 31, 2010

The relation between Australia and World Cup

Until yesterday, it was only in the test and one day cricket that Pakistan faced humiliating defeats at the hands of the Aussies. But, this was the case even in the finals of the U-19 world cup held at Lincoln. Honestly speaking, I have hardly been following the U-19 world cup since the start. But, when the news that Australia beat Pakistan to lift the title, I was fortunate to watch the highlights of the same. As usual, I don't conclude that as one of the most fascinating finals that the cricketing world would have witnessed. But, it can be rather said that it was one such match that never drew crowds.

The only people to have rejoiced the triumph with their full heart would be the playing XI and nobody else. Even the Australian cricket board (I doubt) would have just given the players a formal reward, that would have added to a small 8 letter long-CONGRATS! However, the fact that Australia beat Pakistan to lift the same would have hit the headlines of leading newspapers of both the nations. On the other side of the world, Pakistan have been receiving humiliating blows from Australia during their tour to Australia when they lost the test series 3-0 and the ODI series on 4-0 at present. The only hope for Pakistan would be the only T20 game that is scheduled after the ODI series.

Pakistan is considered to have an upper hand in this format, for they have been able to beat Australia earlier last year when they played Australia in Abu Dhabi. If stats are to be believed, this is the 3rd time Australia were lifting the U-19 world cup and are the 1st one to do so after their victories in the same in 1987-88 and 2001-02. Australia were, needless to be said, the first team to have lifted the world cup thrice four times in senior team as well. And, they have a history of beating Pakistan in the finals of the 1999 world cup, which was also a low scoring game like yesterday's.

In mid last year, Australia became the first team in the history of the game to have won the ICC Champions Trophy on two occasions. And for someone to have done it on successive occasions is another feather in their cap one can say. The only area where Australia have never tasted success of any sort is in the T20 game. Not only for their losses in the T20 world cup, but otherwise also, Australia are not rated among favourites in T20 cricket. They are one team to have lost to Zimbabwe in the inaugural edition of the same in 2007 though they made it to the semis. In 2009, they were the first test playing nation (barring Bangladesh) not to have qualified to the super eights of the T20 WC. They couldn't do what Ireland could do.

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