Sunday, February 7, 2010

Count down for India has begun

Needless to be said, the first day of the first test between India and South Africa belonged solely to the Proteas. The only satisfaction for team India was that Zaheer Khan once again haunted the South African captain Graeme Smith when he took his wicket for a score of 6. However, India should have been more cautious about South Africa, who can not only defeat India in the ongoing test series but also throw them from the number one test position that India are now enjoying. It was the same men that played sensible knocks in the warm-up game against the Indian President's Board XI who belted the Indian bowlers.

Some under estimation from the Indian bowlers can be sensed from the way the bowlers especially Ishanth Sharma and Zaheer Khan bowled. Though Zaheer Khan was successful in claiming the wicket of Greame Smith and Ashwell Prince, the line & length that he maintained was not upto the mark. Moreover, replays of the dismissal of Ashwell Prince suggests that the ball from Zaheer Khan hit the arm guard before being caught by the wicket keeper. The decision was in favor of Zaheer Khan which can be called lucky rather than someone's effort. So, all that the Indian bowlers can boast of is one wicket in the entire day.

And, one has to wonder why did Dhoni introduce spin bowling from the 12th over itself, when suggestions say that spin bowling would be effective only after a minimum of 20 overs have been bowled (which is more the case in test matches)? Another fact that needs to be condemned is the inclusion of wicket keeper Saha, who was made to field, when the main motive in including him was to keep wickets. Dhoni may have done the same previously as well regarding Dinesh Karthik but, this time it is more foolish I suppose. What sense does it make in making a proffessional wicketkeeper field?

May be only Dhoni has the answer for that. In the past, Australia have played both Adam Gilchrist and Brad Haddin, both of whom are meant to keep wickets, but the thing to be noticed was that it was Haddin who kept wickets and not Gilchrist. This was in a tri series in Holland involving Australia, India & Pakistan in 2004. If the way the South African batsmen played is given a close look at, it cannot be ruled out that the pitch may be the one that favors batsmen. If that is the case, one can see Sehwag notching up another triple double hundred atleast. But, if not for Sachin, no other noted test batsman can be seen from the squad.

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Boy that Steyn sure did clean up eh?!

Bhajji bowling after the 12th or 20th or 50th or even not bowling makes no difference - no flight, spin , turn whatsoever :-)