Saturday, February 6, 2010

Australia struggle to lose against Pakistan

For the second time, Pakistan bowled Australia all out for a score of exactly 127 and yet again lost the match chasing that low total. Previously, Pakistan had bowled out Australia for 127 at Sydney in the 2nd test match, only to lose the match by 36 runs. A match that Pakistan should have won rather convincingly was lost the moment the ball hit the ground in the last ball of the 20th over bowled by Shane Watson. This match would have ended Pakistan's embarrassing tour of Australia. I doubt whether the Pakistani players after their loss to Australia in the T20 game gone for site seeing in the beautiful continent of Australia.

The only positives for Pakistan in the series at present is that, they need not think about the next game in the series. They need not promise their fans about winning or putting up a better performance in the next game and so would be the Pakistani fans who would not have to look forward to another Pakistani defeat or keep their jaws open expecting Pakistan to fare better in the next game. I wish the Pakistanis should stop calling themselves as the current T20 champs and not highlight their two appearances in the finals of a T20 world cup.

If Australia's performance in the match was way beyond expectation, I wonder as to what should one comment on the performance of the Pakistani counterpart? The match was no doubt in favor of Pakistan when the Pakistani innings saw a 34 run and a 39 run partnership after bowling the Aussies for a partly score of 127 as mentioned above. Moreover, Australia are not a world beating side when it comes to T20 cricket unlike in the tests and the one dayers. Likewise, Pakistan is a better team than Australia if T20 cricket is considered. Still, if Pakistan cannot afford to win, its really confusing.

I guess this is the first time that a team has won all matches irrespective of the formats of the game that were played as a part of that tour. Australia won 3 tests, 5 one dayers and the lone T20 game that was scheduled. May be that a team might have done the same against Bangladesh or else, I cannot recall any such feats. There might have been teams that haven't lost a single match but, one or a couple of tests might have ended in draws that disqualifies them from the list. Like, India won 5 matches against England in November 2008 and 1 of the 2 tests that were scheduled and the 2nd test ended in a draw.

Finally, one can come to the conclusion that despite giving so much room, Pakistan couldn't snatch a win from the Aussies, which suggests that Aussies had a struggle for losing. Whenever Australia came close to losing, they were pushed back by Pakistan.

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