Sunday, October 9, 2011

England yet to face the heat

Beating any sub-continent team especially India on their home soil definitely needs a lot of talent and effort regarding which Steve Waugh would be the best man to tell you. And, keeping in mind England's whitewash over India just a couple of months back and their most recent 56 run victory over Hyderabad Cricket Association XI might just make them take the Indian players for granted which does not happen to be the case more often. Despite India being an ordinary team in the 90s, Aussies had it tough to even win a single test match in India. And, the caliber of England team need not be cited specially.

Yesterday at Hyderabad, England won the match by 56 runs as mentioned above. That was a state team with none of the players having making it to the Indian team whatsoever. Winning against such a outplayed team needs no effort of any sort which is needless to be said. There were no bowlers of the caliber of Zaheer Khan and Ashish Nehra to bowl the English batsmen and no Harbhajan Singh to confuse the same. At the same time, the likes of Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir and Sachin Tendulkar were found missing from the playing XI. This was a decent way of welcoming England who are guests here.

With all those advantages going England's way, they could not post a decent total when all they could score was just 219 on the board. This was included with 5 wickets falling even before the scoreboard reading 100 runs for England. Scoring for England started from the number 5 batsmen when Ravi Bopara top scored with 73. Added to that, the English batsmen were bowled out in the 48th over which is another drawback for the guests. Looking at the scorecard, it is evident that none of the players' names have been heard before by Indian cricket fans who are followers of the game.

Let alone any international match, the names of those players who welcomed the England team didn't even make their presence felt in domestic tournaments also like the IPL. There was no point in highlighting the Hyderabad's closure of their innings in the 37th over itself with Hyderabad winding their innings scoring just 163 runs to fall short by 56 runs. However, I don't find any point in Hyderabad winning the game with there being no man of the match award in the match. None of the teams would have gained anything by winning or losing the match. In the end, England should think twice before taking Indians for granted.


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