Thursday, May 5, 2011

After a long time

I'm hardly finding time to know what is happening in the ongoing fourth edition of the Indian Premier League though my mind starves for the same. But, with my busy schedule demanding everything and anything from me, that is the maximum that I can do in that regard whatsoever. I just cannot recall when last I have watched an IPL match or any of my favorite television shows be it on the internet or otherwise. But, despite my schedule being so busy as mentioned earlier, there is something which attracts me towards itself and that is nothing but free keno which you will be reading about in the next couple of minutes.

I have earlier as well written about this whenever the on field cricketing action is stripped from its flavor or is as boring as it can get. But, this time the case is neither because, any edition of the Indian Premier League always maintains its caliber and flavor and so was the bilateral series between Australia and Bangladesh which saw one of the greatest cricketing action with Shane Watson belting the Bangladeshi bowlers all over the ground 15 times. Inspite all these, if free roulette has been able to maintain its caliber, no words can describe it.

At a time when I was looking for casino bonuses, the site came in much handy for me when most of them what I had sought for happened to be in that site. Though this may not be what you are looking for in a cricket blog, one click on the above link might just turn your dislikes into likes. And, I bet you will be looking for more such site in the days to come once you have seen what I have seen earlier and written about not. Wanna bet!

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