Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Zealand still in WC trauma

Well regular visits to a cricket website reveals the depth to which the Kiwi players have had to undergo for ending their world cup dreams in the semi finals itself for the 5th time. Four of their defeats have been to sub-continent nations, two each to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. One can take a wild guess that even the Aussies might have forgot what would have happened a week ago before Shane Watson blasted the Bangladeshi bowlers out of Bangladesh (if given a chance). This was the first time the Aussies have lost the world cup since the new shape of the world cup was introduced in 1999.

I wish it is high time for the Kiwis to realize that only one team can win the world cup and should be contended with not only being one of the 4 teams that made it to the semi-finals but also to be the only nation from the sub-continent to have done so this time. Of course, there was no 4th team from the sub-continent which could make it to the semi-finals of a world cup and there had to ne a non sub-continent nation to fill that vacancy. Still, that could have been some Australia, South Africa or England who could have made it there.

But, the Kiwis should be fortunate to have been there. Once again, New Zealand were the only nation who never faced a sub-continent nation in the quarter-finals of the world cup. And, had they played either of the three teams from the sub-continent, New Zealand's fate would have been decided then itself, thus paving way for any of the teams mentioned above. However, even after two weeks if this is found to worry the Kiwi coach-John Wright more than anybody else, it has to be justified because John Wright had coached India in the 2003 world cup which India lost surrendered.

I don't know whether any coach has been able to do it earlier but, if that is false, then John Wright will be the only coach to have seen two of the teams that he has coached to have made it to the finals of a world cup. However, if John Wright's statement needs a reconsideration, then it is worth mentioning that if New Zealand lost only against Sri Lanka (twice) and Australia then their wins have been only against Pakistan and South Africa. That balances the equation 3-2 favoring the Kiwis. This deleted show desktop icon is my site of the day for you guys.

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