Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to turn this one down

Well I have highlighted this in the past as well regarding the introduction of the quarter finals into the world cup which brings luck to some teams and an obvious bad luck to others. Earlier world cups since 1999 had something known as the super sixes and super eights which gave every team another chance to set right their earlier mistake while every team played every other team once before entering the knock out stage of the tournament. This time, all eight test playing nations barring Bangladesh have qualified to the quarter finals. But, there will be just 4 games before the semis would start.

taking on England. Prediction would always go in for Pakistan over West Indies and Pakistan will be taking on the West Indies tomorrow at Mirpur with India scheduled to play Australia day after. That would be followed by the Kiwis taking on the Proteas and Sri LankaSri Lanka over England. Anything might happen in the remaining two games. But that is not we are here for now. There should have been a super eight stage instead of a quarter final which would reduce chances of the cup going into the wrong hands. Consequently, the tournament would end up as a failure though one emerges victorious.

Pakistan will not be facing India, South Africa and England and the situation is the same for the remaining 7 teams as well. Despite four teams emerging victorious and moving on to the semi-finals, questions would definitely be raised regarding that particular team's performance against those teams which they have not played. West Indies and England are the least preferred teams and it would be a cakewalk for both Pakistan and Sri Lanka who would be facing them in the quarter finals in the next four days to come. The same Pakistan would have flunk had they faced South Africa-may be.

It would be tough for Sri Lanka to have an upper-hand against India and their chances would be made slim had there been a super eights stage. Had there been a super six stage, both England and West Indies would not have crossed the initial stage of the world cup. Australia's chances might be high against West Indies, South Africa and England. In case they lose to India day after, fingers would definitely point towards the format. Australia have faced a similar fate in the world T20 at England in 2009 when they were teamed up with Sri Lanka and West Indies with the other groups consisting of two strong teams and one weak opposition.

So it is time to save the lost at any cost.

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