Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inbetween cricket world cup

Well when all you readers are or seem to be excited with high expectations from a cricket blogger to pen about cricket and the world cup in particular, wouldn't you guys out there be more surprised in case something more special and exciting compared to the ongoing world cup pops out? Of course, it would be. And what a fool am I to ask such a question instead of introducing you people to wakeboard bindings which is the main reason for me to deviate away from the mega event. But in addition, highlighting wakeboard binding buyers guide would be worth mentioning which would otherwise be just a boredom.

If anyone of you would ask me as to how I came across such a site with all eyes glued to the television sets to get a glimpse of their favorite cricketing action, here we go. With recent meetings involving Kenya and Zimbabwe before India could take on the West Indies, my interest automatically deviated towards something exciting as mentioned earlier and here is the result of that deviation which has made me introduce you guys to ronix wakeboards which was new to me as well initially but not anymore. Anything that is interesting needs to be shared and I'm damn sure you'd also be doing the same.

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