Monday, March 28, 2011

Bangladesh goes missing

With the second round of the 10th edition of the world cup being over, it is just fascinating to see that all three teams from the sub-continent have qualified to the semi-finals of the tournament. This has happened for the first time and teams had come close to doing so in the 1987 world cup where Pakistan and India had qualified for the semi-finals with Sri Lanka being just as good as today's Bangladesh and Bangladesh being absent from world cups. Perhaps! Had Bangladesh been a little decent, may be New Zealand would have missed out from entering the semi-finals.

If one can take pains to go to the recent past, Bangladesh have beaten whitewashed the Kiwis 4-0 on their recent tour to the sub-continent nation. They managed wins against Ireland and England when all odds were against them all these in addition to a win that was guaranteed against Holland. Bangladesh had equal number of wins as had West Indies with three wins each. It would not have been a mismatch had they won against the Caribbean country, with both teams standing an equal chance to come out victorious. May be that was the reason for the fans' anger which resulted in them pelting stones on the team bus.

With the match against West Indies being played on home soil, Bangladesh should have made that one count but which was however not the case whatsoever. Moreover, Bangladesh rather than winning the contest against the West Indies, made it look half dead with the home team losing all ten wickets for 58 runs on the board. Bangladesh managed to pile up 283 runs in the opening encounter against India when they were chasing 371 to win and didn't end up losing all ten wickets. This proves the Bangladeshis caliber not to panic under pressure. Neither was their performance any bad against the remaining teams barring RSA.

The debacle against South Africa can well be understood but not the one against West Indies. Now, the remaining three teams from the sub-continent qualifying to the quarter-finals, it would have been a delight to see Bangladesh as well in the contest. Of course, Bangladesh would not have made it to the semis with either Pakistan or Bangladesh having to quit after the quarter-finals. Previously, in the 1996 world cup, all three teams from the sub-continent had qualified to the quarter-finals and two among them went to the semi-finals. Bangladesh were yet to make their international appearance and even if they did, their dreams would not have been beyond the league stages.

Should this mean that I should look out for some jophilsuperman stuff? Not at all.

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