Monday, February 21, 2011

When practice brings in over confidence

It was as though that I was reading a A Journal of My Life when I got a wake-up call with already three of the matches at the ICC cricket world cup being over with lots of batsmen having their innings of their lives and bowlers having their ball of their lives all against stupid teams who are only on a tour of the sub-continent minus Pakistan rather than to play some decent game of cricket. India beat Bangladesh in the very 1st encounter of the tournament and New Zealand and Sri Lanka doing the same for Kenya and Canada respectively.

Though the viewers and fans will have to wait for atleast ten days or even 15 days for the real action to start, it is no doubt that players have already started on their high note for the good as well as the wrong reasons. The very first match saw India beating Bangladesh by 87 runs which was a decent margin had it been against some strong opponent say like Pakistan. There were two centurions there with Virender Sehwag mastering over his maiden ODI 150 and Virat Kohli his hundred, both in the same match. Much to anyone's amazement, there were 3 players from Delhi, with 2 batting and Gambhir running for Sehwag.

Though all the Indian cricket fans enjoyed Sehwag striking with confidence, something which he couldn't since 2003, his 175 is not a replica of what Kapil Dev did way back in 1983 in that match against Zimbabwe. However, Sri Lanka's 210 run win against Canada once again reminded the way they shattered them two world cups ago when Canada were reduced to 36 runs for the loss of all their ten wickets which was the lowest team total at that time and which stands 2nd today with Zimbabwe falling short by 1 run once again against Sri Lanka. So would be New Zealand's 10 wicket win over Kenya.

But, as it has been evident from the past, one can recall Zimbabwe beating Australia and Sri Lanka beating India when the former teams mentioned were not granted test status and color dress were yet to make their presence felt. Similarly, India and Pakistan were ousted from the 2007 world cup after being over confident in their games against Bangladesh and Ireland. India and Pakistan were expected to beat Sri Lanka and West Indies respectively, both of which didn't happen. The only reason for these is the over confidence they attained after their more than convincing wins against minnows. However, the format doesn't give way to undeserving teams to cross the border to the quarter finals.

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