Thursday, February 3, 2011

Law Firm Marketing

Even I don't know why I'm referring to some lawyer stuff in a cricket blog and that too when there is the mega event to come in just a couple of weeks from now onwards. But, whenever I find something new and interesting on the internet, it has been my habit to share it with my readers which at times provides to be useful with most of the things that I share are acceptable with all my readers. And, this time too, a trial in the same regard has been made and hope it gets successful. Law firm marketing has far been my interest but made me curious when I hit the return key on my desktop.

It was when I was looking for a suitable domain for a website that I happened to see an ad which titled lawyer marketing which evoked my curiosity towards the link and as it went on and on, I made it a point to share this with you readers. This might not be the case with many of them. All might not find an attorney marketing site when they look for names for their websites unlike me. Rather than promising you or convincing you regarding the sites, I'd rather ask you to look other sites before coming here and then after coming here you yourself will decide that this is the best. And, what is point when a name is not good as its product?

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