Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stewart has a point

Well though the world of cricket hasn't heard much from the former England wicketkeeper - Alec Stewart, whenever Stewart has made it a point to shell out his voice, it seems to count. Stewart, we hear considers the injuries to few of the English players who are currently under the tour of Australia for a 7 match one day series are a boon in disguise for, there is the mega event coming up in the next month for which England has a keen role to play. Players like Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Tim Bresnan and Graeme Swann for the 7 match ODI series.

As a matter of fact, this has been the case regarding most of the key players, some of whom are rested for the fear of their non availability for the world cup and others battling injuries, be it minor or major. Players with minor injuries are rested for the fear of the minor injury turning into a major one and regarding the major injury, nothing needs to be said in particular. And, despite the presence of the aforementioned players in the England squad, England is likely to lose the 7 match ODI series against Australia and nothing needs to be worried.

But, if the players are not fit for the world cup, may be England might have 50-50 chances against teams like Bangladesh and West Indies, who can come up with surprises at times. England should well be aware of their loss to Netherlands in the 2nd world T20 in 2009 and their should-have-been defeat against Ireland earlier this year. With the presence of the current injured players, England may atleast reach the quarter finals of the world cup if not anything else. England is grouped with teams like India and South Africa, who seem to seal the 1st and the 2nd position in the charts table at the end of the first stage's play.

One can remember the 1996 world cup where England had losses against all three major teams namely Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa with which it was grouped and had won matches against Holland and UAE, where victory for England was granted and guaranteed. By default, England finished in the 4th position and had to enter the quarter finals of that world cup. This time, things look slightly better, with England hoping to win against West Indies in addition to winning against Bangladesh and Ireland provided players are in form and fit at the same time. So was the case in the 2007 WC where England joined hands with Ireland, Bangladesh and South Africa who had wins against only minnows.

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