Sunday, December 12, 2010

wish these had been in place on 14/3/96

One can recall the semi finals between India and Sri Lanka in Eden Gardens where India failed to chase a moderate target of 253 set by Sri Lanka led by Arjuna Ranatunga. More than the loss that India suffered, the match turned out to be the most shameful one for, the crowd turned out to be a mess outright. That would not have happened had, traffic cones been in place. However, one has to feel glad that the incident didn't repeat once again since that day some 14 years down the lane. However, I'd like to emphasize on the importance of parking signs here in this post.

YOu might have come across a situation where you go to watch a cricket match , parking your vehicle at a place that you find is the best for you vehicle. But, that may not seem to be the case with traffic police, which might see your vehicle be towed. But, with decent parking signs, the problem can be solved and incase your thinking matches with mine, I'd rather suggest you to buy your traffic cones here wherein cheap and reliable boards are guaranteed no matter what your needs have to say. Because, things have to be done rather than being said alone.

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