Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ponting's never stopping attitude

Well he might have failed to win the first test at Brisbane and neither is Ponting happy with the 1st Ashes test ending in a draw which actually Australia should have lost. Though no one is to be blamed for their missed earning opportunities in life, the Australian captain does have someone to point his fingers at after drawing the first test at Brisbane when he shows his lack of interest on the technology for not dancing to his tunes. I wish Ricky Ponting was expecting all umpires in the world to be a follower of Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson.

May be his lack of confidence in the onfield umpires might have provoked him to take the decision himself when he claimed Sourav Ganguly out caught in the famous Sydney test somewhere three years down the lane. Had Ganguly been adjudged "NOT OUT", may be Ricky Ponting's words would have made news on cricinfo three years earlier itself. With that apart, coming to the news, Ponting says that he isn't satisfied with the technology for the sole reason that he couldn't get Cook out when the batsman was on 209. Cook later on went on to win the man of the match award which is a different issue.

Added to that was the fact that Alistair Cook never got out whatsoever. And, the reasons for Ponting to get annoyed with the technology is justified when he could have had another wicket to his team's name on one hand while on the other, a catch extra under his personal name. The article suggests that Ricky Ponting as expected or even suspected if one is not wrong enough, tried to convince not only the onfield umpires but also the third umpire - Aleem Dar saying that the catch was taken. But, unfortunately fortunately, it was not the Border - Gavaskar trophy involving India but the Ashes involving England.

England's influence on world cricket is equally good as is Australia's influence. And, one has to no matter what accept the fact that the Sydney test episode has implanted a fear among the onfield as well as the third umpires before getting into such dirty games. No matter what the influence of Australia has got on world cricket, it would come as no surprise if the umpires do not give the decision in favor of Australia for the fear of having to face the music for the wrong reasons. And, with all these in front of us, Ponting's lack of satisfaction towards the technology can well be understood.

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