Thursday, September 2, 2010

Legalising sports betting would be a good option

Well things are always acted upon too late and this time as well the situation is no different when the Delhi high court thinks about making sports betting legal in India. I can recall the entire world asking for an umpire referral system after the Sydney test debacle in late 2007 in the Border-Gavaskar trophy. The umpire referral system should have been proposed by any of the cricketing greats long back and not wait until the Sydney test episode to happen. Umpires are also human beings like anybody else and are bound to make mistakes. Keeping this fact out of mind was another mistake.

And now as well, the world and especially the Delhi high court had to wait for the spot fixing episode to kick off for it to think of legalizing sports betting in the country. If one would ask me, I'd rather say that sports betting would bring as much thrill as playing the game for which you would give away anything and everything on earth to just watch it live. Legalizing sports betting would not only bring in more revenue to the government but at the same time, make you think in a different way rather than just jumping with joy when your favorite batsman hits a six.

I happened to go through the site Yarnhoj which need not to worry has got nothing to do with sports betting but had everything to distract my attention from the topic. Anyways, that apart with sports betting being made legal in India, in addition to players, even spectators can make money at the same time lose money when the same team gives a bad performance. All this is being written keeping in mind the fact that I myself am a fan of many sports betting sites which is evident from the sidebar of my blog. Not to mention, the same has its own drawbacks.

With sports betting being made legal, though the movement of funds can be tracked effectively, the very same is bound to increase the risk of match fixing. With crores running into sports betting, sparing a few lakhs to settle issues with players would not be a problem for the bookies at all. Of course, in India, with cricket players being one of the highest money makers, that would affect them to a very little extent. But, settling issues with foreign players would also cause equal disrespect to the game. This is no horse racing or club gambling to justify the same in sports betting.

So, just think and proceed!

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