Friday, September 3, 2010

About Lance Klusner

Well a funny news has broken in the midst of all the ones covering the spot fixing controversies surrounding mainly the players from Pakistan that the former South African all rounder Lance Klusner has said "no" to the role of a Bangladesh coach. Very rarely does one come across the South African player who once upon a time gave it everything he could to the South African side way back in the 1999 world cup in England. Anyways, putting the past firmly behind, the current news which deals his rejection to the offer to be the Bangladesh coach should be a good move by Klusner.

Lance Klusner was offered the job which was done by a Sri Lanka in Champaka Ramanayake, the name which is being heard for the first time by most cricket followers. Champaka Ramanayake was forced to quit as the Bangladeshi coach owing to illness. It would have been an injustice and an insult to Lance Klusner, had he agreed to coach the Bangladeshi team for, that is the team which is placed in the bottom of the points table in all three formats of the game. And then, the BCB had approached Klusner not before approaching England's Andy Caddick, India's Venkatesh Prasad and West Indian Colin Croft.

Colin Croft was denied the job due to the fact that he was not experienced as a coach though the entire world has seen him as a fast bowler of the devastating West Indian team of the early 80s. He was the strike bowler of the then West Indies team that included the likes of Joel Garner, Andy Roberts, Michael Holding and Malcom Marshall. With such a bowler not being given the job to coach the team that as mentioned falls in the bottom of the ICC points table, having Klusner do the job should be out of the BCB's way.

Lance Klusner should have been approached first before Caddick and Croft if anyone would ask me. I had my InMailBox saying a dozen things about his denial but, the right thing to do was to see another option for Klusner with the ICL closing the gates permanently not only for Klusner but for itself some two years back. Klusner was not included in the South African squad for mare than 6 years in tests and ODIs despite being the front runner in the 1999 world cup. Klusner is the only player till date to have been awarded the man of the series in a world cup despite his team not being able to make it to the finals of the same.

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