Thursday, August 12, 2010

Karachi Association's selfish take

Well, all of us are aware of the way the PCB behaved in an awkward manner when Pakistan lost all matches in their tour to Australia late last year. The PCB dropped as many as 8 players from the playing eleven which then was forced to be reverted back when there was the world T20 championship and making a stupid decision would prove costly for the PCB. Had the PCB continued with the decision to exclude all the dropped players, then, may be the PCB itself might have been dropped. PCB would have made news for being dropped for dropping.

No matter what the Pakistan team's performance had to say to the field but, such things often happen to every team like India lost all three matches in the super eights of the world T20 not once but twice in 2009 and then in this year's edition. So has been the case with Australia who failed to get past the initial stage of the world T20 last year when they lost both their matches to West Indies and Sri Lanka in 2009. Getting into the details would be something out of the topic. Coming to the topic, the Karachi association has found to throw its words regarding Pakistan's performance in the test against England.

In both the test matches against England, Pakistan slumped to their lowest totals when they lost all their wickets for a score of 80 in the second innings of the first test and 72 in the first innings of the second test off late. One has to be fortunate rather to come across such beautiful performances by the team which has been found making news for all the wrong reasons since their disastrous tour of Australia as mentioned last year. This performance against England can only add fuel to fire and this time it is not the PCB but the Karachi association which is found breaking its silence.

What has got to do with the squad that toured England when the same Pakistan team was found beating the mighty Aussies just a month back. In fact, Pakistan came out more victorious on that tour when they convincingly beat the Aussies in the 2 T20 games which they played and than in the second test after losing the first test. Pakistan were successful in bowling the Aussie batsmen for a partly score of 88 in the first innings of the second test. So, just think why is the same squad not been credited by the Karachi association when they lose the same to England? Why should Karachi boast of players from its side when the national team can benefit if it behaves otherwise.

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