Friday, August 27, 2010

Is Pakistan making a home in England?

Well if the followers of cricket over the world are concerned, it is no surprise that the ongoing test series between England and Pakistan was supposed to be played in Pakistan with England touring the trouble torn country. And, in case that had happened, then obviously Pakistan would have had an upper hand compared to England with the home team advantage being well with Pakistan. Pakistan are no Bangladesh or West Indies to let go that advantage so easily and effortless. Pakistan have always been a tough opponent to beat on home conditions which is more so the case when it comes to test cricket.

Of course, this is true for all test playing nations barring Bangladesh and West Indies where home team may be more worse than the tour. And this time, Pakistan have proved England to be their new home when they did exactly not what was expected from them but what a home team is found doing- make life tough or even impossible for the opposition. And this cannot be a better opportunity than the ongoing ones against Australia and England. In fact, England being the home team were found in shambles in the third test against Pakistan a couple of weeks back.

Pakistan won the second test against Australia almost a month back and not only that, they were successful in dismissing the opposition for a score of 88 which speaks for Pakistan. That was also a test tour which was supposed to be played in Pakistan but thanks to the insecure situation there which forced the ICC to move the tournament out of the country. In fact, Pakistan won 3 out of the four matches that were scheduled in England against Australia during that tour. Pakistan won the two T20 games that were played prior to the two tests that followed.

Following this, though Pakistan lost the first two tests to England, it is an undisputed fact that England were hosting Pakistan and enjoys the home team advantage. England did bowl out the Pakistani side for a score less than 100 on two occasions when they (Pakistan) were found returning back to the pavilion with the scoreboard reading 72 on one occasion and 80 on the other. Then, Pakistan came back strongly in the third test and best England to atleast be alive in the series. Now, Pakistan have shown a better performance in the 4th and final test to see them level the series.

If this happens, then England will be a home for both the teams and Pakistan can also avoid their homesickness when they've found a new home in England. They can now celebrate their new found home like the one mentioned in Pretty in Pink. Just for fun.

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