Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is the NZC influenced by the BCCI?

Should one feel happy for the New Zealand cricket opening an IPL window for its players in the recently concluded eight year agreement between the players' association and national board or feel disgusted and let low for one of the major cricketing power is bowing to another cricket board for reasons best anticipated by one and all following the game of cricket especially in the sub continent? The blog has repeatedly thrown out the other board's reaction to the two cricket leagues in one country when there were biased decisions regarding the IPL and the ICL. Now, there is no need to mentioned the latter.

All major cricketing boards including the one in Bangladesh were against their national players from playing in the rebel league and tried almost everything possible to make way for the other one namely the IPL. Few cricketing greats like Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne also insisted that the IPL be included among the ICC's future tours program. The unofficial involvement of the BCCI can never be turned down in this regard. There are domestic tournaments happening in every country including non test playing nations like Ireland. But, no one comes out asking for a window for those tournaments no matter what.

The New Zealand cricket had formerly banned star fast bowler Shane Bond from featuring in the national side after he had enrolled for Delhi Gaints in the ICL. And now, the same cricket board has allowed its players that includes Shane Bond to feature in the IPL. Shane Bond has signed for the Kolkata Knight Riders who come in the bottom of the table in every edition played so far. There is hardly any country's cricket board who does not bow to the richest cricket board in the world - the BCCI and New Zealand has also not been an exception whatsoever.

However, the rest of the plans that come under the 8 year agreement is worth giving a thought for every cricket board who insists in taking the game forward in their country. The agreement has references to $65 million which can evoke interest in cricket among any cricketer from New Zealand. I wish this agreement is more valuable than playing in the IPL. But, this agreement is of no use to the BCCI and the IPL and citing a window for the IPL in this agreement can boost ties with the BCCI. This is no freedom for the NZC. In case the NZC wants to enjoy freedom I wish they visit Reko Blogging which may stop it from bowing to money in the form of IPL and BCCI.

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