Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pakistan misses hattrick

Well it is not a big task for any team or a player can make it to the headlines of a cricket site or a cricket magazine but, it is the reasons for which the player or the team that has made news which takes precedence. And, needless to be said, Pakistan has made it to the headlines for the wrong reasons yesterday when they lost all their ten wickets for yet another score of less than 100. The score was one run less than 75 to be exact. And, this is the third time in the series out of eight innings Pakistan has played that it has been bowled out for a score less than hundred.

Not even Bangladesh or Zimbabwe have been able to do this no matter against which team they have played. Of course, I remember the West indies losing all their ten wickets for 47 on one occasion and 94 on the other during their tour of England 2004 which is famous for Brian Lara's epic knock of unbeaten 400 at Antigua in the fourth test. Even England last year against the West Indies lost al their ten wickets for a score of 51 to hand the West Indies a rare victory. This bought in some change, not to the West Indies who are at most time at the receiving end but to the viewers who would have gone sick watching West Indies lose.

Now, Pakistan have gone even further when they were bowled out for a score less than 100 on the fourth occasion in the last two months or so. They were bowled out for a score of 80 in the 1st test against England at Nottingham and 72 in the 2nd test at Birmingham which Pakistan lost by 9 wickets. Now, as if that were not enough, Pakistan have yet against been bowled out for 74 yesterday at London. Only three players from Pakistan were able to cross the double digit and thanks to the extras which did not score than the Pakistani batsmen.

Otherwise, it would be fascinating to see the extras having a hand in the top scorer of the match. As I had written in yesterday's post about Stuart Broad's innings with the bat despite coming in at number, now it is to be highlighted that Broad's score of 169 was more than twice of what the entire Pakistani batsmen could score that includes the extras as well. Stuart Broad played 297 ball that constituted close to 50 overs which was close to 17 overs more than what the entire Pakistani innings lasted. This was not even achieved by Bangladesh when they toured England recently. Instead of watching Pakistan play, I'd recommend you to Download Free e-books,games,movies,music(videos),softwares,tv shows,wallpapers from The Rapidshare Links World.

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