Sunday, June 6, 2010

The PCB corrects itself

Well before anybody would term the PCB as mentally sick, it is a good news to the entire cricket world and especially Pakistan cricket that the bans and fines on the Pakistani players that included Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, Younis Khan among the eight has been finally scrapped not by anyone else but by the PCB itself. Needless to be said, the aforementioned Pakistan players were imposed hefty fines and unimaginable bans after their disastrous tour of Australia where Pakistan returned home without even a single win from three tests + 5 One dayers + 1 T20 game that was played.

Recently, the ban of one year and a fine of a whooping 2 million rupees on Shoaib Malik was lifted by a tribunal which reduced the fine by half which has now entitled Shoaib Malik to pay just rupees 1 million. The word just is far from being justified here when the matter involves sums upto rupees one million. But, the comparison here is done with 2 million and needless to be said is far greater than 1 million rupees. And, with Pakistan being winners of the world T20 last year, the amount should not be as big as it is thought to be.

The poorest of poor performance by the Pakistani players should and can never be forgiven no matter what. It does not matter that it was Australia whom Pakistan were facing in their own den and a victory is far from being achieved. But, even a defeat in all matches is far from expected as far as Pakistan is considered. The Pakistani players deserve a harsh punishment but not a crazy one like it has been done by the PCB. However, when the ban on Shoaib Malik has been revoked and fine reduced, it looks like the PCB is rethinking on its decision which is rather crazy as mentioned.

Now, the PCB has revoked the bans and reduced fines for other players as well long before the Pakistan cricket follows the West Indies team. There is the multi team starer Asia cup to be stared in the coming month and with most of the Pakistani players facing the axe, there might be a major disaster waiting to happen in case the PCB does not turn up. A hint regarding the same has been felt in the recently concluded ICC world T20 when Pakistan lost games to England and New Zealand in the super eights after losing the group stage encounter with the Aussies.

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