Friday, June 25, 2010

My prediction turns true

Well as most of us might have predicted, India won the Asia cup after beating Sri Lanka and that too in Sri Lanka which was their yet again boring encounter between the two nations. As all of you might have known by now, this was the third time destiny has had India face Sri Lanka in the finals of an Asia cup for the third consecutive time since 2004 after it was reintroduced since 2000 which was won by Pakistan. But, unlike in the previous editions of the Asia cup, Sri Lanka never managed to do a U turn against India.

In the editions of the Asia cup in 2004 and 2008, India had beaten Sri Lanka in the league stages of the tournament prior to the finals and eventually lost their ground when it mattered in the big stage. But this time, India lost to Sri Lanka in the league stages of the tournament by 7 wickets but made it count in the match which would make a difference. Another interesting feat of the Asia cup final between the two nations is that the team that batted first won the match in all three editions since 2004 which brings out a similarity in the contest.

It would be worthless to go back to the editions of the Asia cup prior to 2004 with not much competition involved. Another thing to be noticed is that India has never hosted an Asia cup in this decade with the other three participants namely Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh having had their share of the tournament. Though Bangladesh has never been the favorites to win the cup let alone winning it, they have hosted the tournament in 2000 which was won by Pakistan. And, Sri Lanka have hosted the tournament twice in 2004 and this time in 2010 surprisingly.

Though any nation in today's cricket world thinks about a million times before touring Pakistan, Pakistan has had its share of hosting the multi team starer Asia cup in 2008. But, India as mentioned are yet to host one and no news of that happening even in the forthcoming editions is hinted. Despite rains prevailing most parts of the year in Sri Lanka, it comes as a surprise that Sri Lanka has hosted the tournament successfully twice as mentioned earlier. Well, it should not matter for a cricket lover wherever a tournament is hosted as long as the excitement lives. This can be true with Information Technology, Gadgets, IT news as well.

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