Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chris Gayle realizes the truth!

Well Chris Gayle has been found to realize the fact which all cricket lovers had accepted atleast some seven years ago that the West Indies team has got used to defeats. Some big and others comparatively small. But, defeats mean defeats no matter what the margin of the same has got to say. But still, Chris Gayle has not been found to embrace the fact completely when he says that "losing is becoming a habit" when he and his team had got used to defeats. Chris Gayle's statement comes after his team's fourth loss to the Proteas when they were in the winning position for the third time out of 6 games.

Before that, his team had taken a decent thrashing from the hands of the Aussies when they thrashed the West Indies team also led by Gayle by a 4-0 margin. This was after Chris Gayle predicted a 4-1 victory for his West Indies team. May be at that time he was in a dream that had taken him some 25 years back when the West Indies team were a world beating side that used to push apart the strongest of all oppositions including England and Australia - who were tough competitors for the West Indies at that time in the 70s.

And now, just a couple of days prior to the tournament with South Africa, Chris Gayle makes a statement when he warns his fellow team mates of losing their place in the side in case they fail to perform. In other words, Chris Gayle was found to follow the "perform or perish" mantra which happened to be only in the form of words and is yet to get into action. But still, Chris Gayle has some satisfaction in his team who put up a better performance each time they step on to the ground. And, it is also evident when the West Indies team is found to lose convincingly than their previous loss.

I have many a times highlighted in so many of my earlier posts regarding the way the West Indies team reduce their margin of defeat everytime hey step onto the field. In a couple of cases, they came close to winning but strictly stuck themselves to defeat when they let go a last ball thriller. Does Chris Gayle say that West Indies will come back harsh upon the Proteas and win the last ODI? One has to think as to how come the Proteas also came that close to losing the game when they lost only 3 wickets enroute to their successful chase.

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