Monday, May 10, 2010

Unlucky Rohith!

Well it is really difficult to decide whether Rohith Sharma is to be considered unlucky or is the ICC rightly justified in fining the mentioned Indian batsman for showing dissent towards the umpires' decision. As far as my memories go, this is the second time that Rohith Sharma has been fined for showing dissent towards the umpires' decision. The first time I remember Rohith Sharma showing dissent towards the umpires' decision was way back in late 2007 in the Commonwealth Bank tri series involving Sri Lanka, India (obvioulsy) and Australia (which is obvious as well). That was in the game against Sri Lanka at Brisbane.

Then, Rohith Sharma was fined 10% of his match fees when he showed reluctance in heading back to the stands when the main umpire raised his finger against the batsman regarding which Rohith Sharma was far from being convinced. And suporting Rohith Sharma, the video replays showed that Rohith Sharma had not even touched the ball in that particular encounter. That was the initial stage of Rohith Sharma's career and that match would have been a full stop in his career had the Indian batsman not shown reluctance in heading back to the stands. This was even worse than the 10% fine imposed on him.

One such poor performance by a youngster is more than enough for his cricket board's selection committee to sack him with dozens of other youngsters more eager to make it to the playing eleven. And, one can quite understand Rohith Sharma's anxiety when he was shown the doors with no mistake of his. And, this time once again Rohith Sharma has found himself in shambles when he once again did the same mistake by not willing to head back to the stands despite the onfield umpires raising his finger against the wishes of the batsman. This time as well, the umpires were more than convinced by their error than the batsman's doubt.

This is one such area in the game of cricket where the benefit of doubt does not go to the batsman. Instead, the benefit of the human error of the onfield umpires most of the times favors the bowlers who would be having a wicket against their name and the fielders who would be having a catch or a run out against their name. However, hardly any batsmen are found to be punished like it has happened for Rohith Sharma or may be that I have hardly come across a batsman being unlucky one for falling prey to a wrong decision and two for facing a penalty. If you readers come across such a scene please let me know.

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