Thursday, May 27, 2010

Should this be believed?

Before starting, I would like to ask you what would be your reaction in case some anonymous person comes in and calls the Bangladeshi captain to under perform which no doubt is match fixing? Well, this made me laugh like anything and everything funny on earth. Why should one go and approach a Bangladeshi captain to under perform when Bangladesh are rated below in the ICC points table since their entry into international cricket? Of course, their performance against Ireland can be considered to be above average. But, still, who would go in to book a Bangladeshi captain to fix a match?

This is true if at all the news on the world's leading cricket website is anything to go by. The Bangladeshi captain Shakib-Al-Hasan was offered a sponsorship in case he under performs in a 3 match one day series against Ireland. The person does not approach any Australian player to under perform despite there being millions out there who would bet on Australia to win a match against any opposition. And, when Australia loses a match, there would be a large number of people who might end up losing their money which they would have bet favoring Australia. But that doesn't happen.

Of course, it is to be believed that Bangladesh are no longer the team they were which is more so since the past 5-6 years when they defeated India on their home ground. And Ireland will have surely been at the receiving end of the Bangladeshi ire when they tour under. Bangladesh would surely have an upperhand when they face Ireland on their home ground. But, should that attract a booker to pay some shit to a Bangladeshi captain to under perform? One has to think whether there are any taker to watch the match between Ireland and Bangladesh be it either at home or in stadiums?

And as it happens in all walks of life, the Bangladeshi captain Shakib-Al-Hasan bring this incident to light after two long years. Is this to see himself in the news or is he trying to attract everyone's attention to show that he is a dedicated and an honest cricketer? Like there are some players from Australia and our own Sreesanth who makes news by having an onfield slaught with his opponents. I wonder whether anybody outside Bangladesh knows of a match between the two countries mentioned. There'd be hardly any viewers when Bangladesh plays say Australia or South Africa irrespective of the venue.

With the huge cricket fan following, may be Indians might have a watch out for a tie with Bangladesh. Or else, Shakib-Al-Hasan is hardly been heard of or talked about.

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