Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well with both the matches that were scheduled being whitewashed, one can think of the bad scheduling by the ICC when both the games were scheduled at the same venue despite the fact that there was signs of rain prior to the match. Of course, rain has always been playing a spoilsport on most of the occasions which can decide the fate of a deserving team when the same has to face the threat of being knocked out of the tournament with hardly any fault of its. And one has to nevertheless embrace the fact that nothing can be done regarding the same.

There is a technology to bring down rains but not one to stop the same when it rains at an unexpected and unwanted spot and time. But, a decent thinking from the ICC which is responsible for scheduling the games can at most of the times help in saving the tournament from going into the wrong hands. As a result of partly the rains and more because of the governing body, one team had to end up on the losing side despite putting up a mammoth total and the other team which was playing the 2nd match of the day had to keep its fingers crossed until they were declared winners.

A total of 191 is a winning one in most of the situations and more so when the same is scored against a weak team like the West Indies. I agree that there have been many instances where a total in excess of 200 has been successfully chased down. But, this was hardly the case in yesterday's game though it was the West Indies who were enjoying the home side advantage. Duckworth - Lewis method of judging the winners and losers may say anything. But, at the end of the day, one team has to go back cursing with hardly no fault of its. One should have gone sick by now when unanswerable questions are raised against the D-L method.

Coming to the 2nd game of the day, the match should have been truncated in the beginning itself after rains had spoiled hopes in the first one a few hours back. One could have had a 15 over match instead of a 20 overs a side with rain always threatening to play a spoilsport. In that case, Sri Lanka wouldhave batted for 15 overs instead of 20 while Zimbabwe would have batted for 10 overs and not only 5 overs which results in a wrong calculation. With their caliber, Sri Lanka had every chance of bowling the Zimbabwean batsmen well before 10 overs. And, even if that doesn't happen, for sure there would have been a clearer match in front of us.

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