Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another thriller by SA-WI

Well as I mentioned in a post a couple of days back regarding the thrillers in matches involving West Indies and South Africa, especially after their 1 run loss at the hands of the Proteas, here comes another exciting thriller if the newspapers are to be believed. And here as well, the match saw the West Indies batsmen putting up a decent score on the board when they ended their batting innings with 283 runs on the board. This total no matter was 17 runs less than what the South African batsmen had piled up and was 18 runs short of a victory.

But, as far as the West Indian batsmen are considered, the match would have given them much relief when they as usual reduced the margin of defeat and then also there was a batsman from the West Indies side who threatened to snatch the game from the Proteas when Sammy scored 58 runs from 24 balls at a strike rate of 241. This is rare in the West Indies side who can only gift their opposition or surrender meekly. Darren Sammy hit 6 hits out of the ground which was equal to the total number of sixes hit by anyone else from both the sides.

The match saw 12 sixes, out of which 6 were hit by Sammy alone as mentioned. The remaining contribution came from Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo who hit 1 and 2 sixes respectively. Then from the South African side, A B Devilliers hit one six and the new batsman who playing his second one dayer - David Miller hit two of them equalling the number hit by the West Indies' batsmen minus Darren Sammy. Once again Hashim Amla was awarded the man of the match this time rather deserving for his top score in the innings of 92 that included 7 fours though without any sixes.

This time the West Indian batsmen did what they were supposed to do in their last game at Antigua when they played 48 overs. This time the West Indies' innings lasted for one ball more than 48 overs but without any different result. And the West Indies captain didn't go in for 8 overs and insisted in bringing in just 7 of them. As mentioned earlier, the margin of defeat for the West Indies also was reduced to 17 runs as against the 66 run defeat they suffered a couple of days back. There were 3 batsmen from the WI side who returned with scores in excess of 50.

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