Thursday, April 29, 2010

Too much of T20 cricket

Well there might be less number of T20 matches compared to the number of one day internationals and test matches played. But, the number of mega tournaments that involve the T20 format of the game are extremely high. This was more so after the inaugural edition of the world T20 happened to be a major success in 2007. This was boosted after the finals of that edition happened to be the arch rivals namely India and Pakistan, between whom any sort of contest is not only welcome but also viewed by most part of the world and not restricting only to the two sub continent nations mentioned.

Added to that, it was India who won the inaugural T20 world cup by beating their arch rivals Pakistan which boosted the fan following the T20 format of the game to much higher level because India is the nation that stands apart when it comes to cricket crazy people. And with such a cricket crazy nation making it big on the biggest stage can draw more people to the stands and in front of the television sets. This craze was first cashed in by something called as the Indian Cricket League which started a parallel league which was opposed not only by the BCCI but also by all the cricket boards over the world.

The BCCI couldn't rest in peace as long as the ICL breathed its last. As a result of this, the BCCI came out with a similar format of the game when it decided to launch the multi million dollar Indian Premier League in early 2008 with an attempt to rival the ICL and partly to take the game forward. And, needless to be said, there have been so far three editions of the Indian Premier League every time drawing more crowds to the stadiums and also forcing more people early back from their jobs to enjoy the action in front of the television sets.

And then, there is this third edition of the world T20 being held in the Caribbean which is just a year later since Pakistan lifted the trophy last year in June. And then since the year the IPL was maunched, the world's major cricket governing body namely the ICC comes out with the idea of holding the Champions League T20 tournament which considers the top three domestic teams from all major cricketing nations. The one scheduled at South Africa this year should have been the third one had the inaugural edition been taken off successfully. This stripped the Rajasthan Royals from a chance to take part in the tournament.

However, one thing that is to be noticed from the above stats is that everyone being initiated by the Indian cricket board are interested in bringing the T20 format of the game not only forward but also to such an extent that people go sick over this and one fine day stop watching the same.

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Jim Nariel said...

Well I cant get enough of T20 from IPL - love it....