Thursday, April 8, 2010

The special IPL pattern

This is needless to be said the third edition of the Indian Premier League and is more than enough to draw some pattern regarding the winners and losers of the trophy. So has been the case regarding the teams that make it to the semis and also the teams which top the ratings in every edition of the same. In its inaugural edition, the winners happened to be the Rajasthan Royals while the runners up happened to be the Chennai Superkings. And the teams that finished last were the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Deccan Chargers who finished at positions 8 and 7 respectively.

But, much to everyone's surprise, it was the same two teams that finished in the last two positions a year prior to the second edition of the IPL who ended as winners of the trophy and the runners up. Had the winners been the Royal Challengers and the runners up been the Deccan Chargers, that would have been just ideal for the team which finished last would have finished first in the second edition while the team that finished second from the last would have ended second from the top. Anyways, that is secondary at the moment. But, one would be surprised with the pattern that the IPL is found following.

It was the Mumbai Indians who finished second from the last in the second edition held at South Africa and the last position was booked long before by the Kolkata Knight Riders. But, this time, if history is anywhere to go by it has been the Mumbai Indians who are found dominating the tournament like the Deccan Chargers did in the previous edition. And, the Kolkata Knight Riders are though following slowly. they have no reason for not to do what the Royal Challengers were found doing in the second edition. Even the RCBs started their IPL campaign without any sort of initial success as long as the team was captained by KP.

It was only after Anil Kumble was made the captain that the RCBs started rocking and eventually reached the finals though there were the Delhi Daredevils who were a better team than both the RCBs and the Deccan Chargers. So, if the pattern is to be followed, it has to be Mumbai Indians beating the Kolkata Knight Riders to lift the trophy. And, if the present edition of the IPL is considered, the Kings XI Punjab are found holding onto the last position and the second from the last is held by Deccan Chargers once again after they lost it to the KKR last year. So, one can expect the KXIP team to lift the trophy next year by beating Deccan Chargers if the pattern is followed.

However, decent teams compared to the KKR have been the RCBs. But, even there were DD who topped the charts last year and their fate is well in front of us.

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