Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IPL 2010 - A tournament one of its kind

Well hardly anyone comes across tournaments wherein none of its games are either washed out or truncated. And, one has to be fortunate that the third edition of the Indian Premier League was one such tournament where not even a single match was either truncated or abandoned either due to rain, bad weather or any sort of disturbances from the crowd. Of course, there was a threat to the second encounter between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Mumbai Indians where not only was there a mild bomb blast but also there were a could of low intensity bombs that went diffused.

If not for that ugly incident, none of the games were disturbed by any means as mentioned above. This was not the case even in the earlier two editions of the Indian Premier League in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Nor was this the case in the two editions of the world T20 held at South Africa and England. One can recall the match between India and Scotland which was abandoned without a ball being bowled in the inaugural edition of the world T20 in 2007. Though this was not a match of any great concern, it was more than enough to disappoint the Indian cricket fans who had come to see their team play for the 1st time in the tournament.

Well, if not for that inconsequential match, the rest of the tournament proceeded as expected and scheduled when none of the remaining matches were affected by spoilsports. That tournament had just one black mark all because of the India-Scotland match. And then in the 2nd edition of the world T20, the case was no different when the only encounter to be truncated was the final super eight match between England and the West Indies that was reduced to 9 overs after the ghost haunted England. But, if the earlier editions of the IPL are considered, this has so far not been the case.

In last year's edition of the IPL, 4 matches that returned without a result some of which were consequential and other not so. But, that was more than enough to spoil the fortunes of some of the deserving teams to advance to the next round of the tournament. So was the case in the inaugural edition of the IPL where 2 matches that didn't have a result and lot of other matches where the game had to be truncated owing to delayed start. And this was also the case in all the world cups which I have witnessed since 1996 till 2007 where atleast one game had to be truncated. But, the IPL 2010 can be remembered as a tournament where not even one out of the 60 games were either truncated or abandoned.

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