Thursday, March 4, 2010

Australia redefines homesickness

Well, after losing the first one day international to New Zealand yesterday, Australia reminded the word homesickness which has a different meaning in the world of cricket. Australia lost a match to New Zealand which was after a series of victories against Pakistan and West Indies in all formats of the game of cricket. All that Australia could lose in the gap was the first test to the West Indies in December which ended in a draw and the 3rd one dayer which was abandoned. If not for these, Australia won all the tests, one dayers and T20 games that it played.

However, all the aforementioned victories that Australia enjoyed until now was at home. Nevermind that at times, Australia popped up from a never again position and went on to win the game. This was in the Sydney test against Pakistan and in the only T20 game against the same. In both cases where Australia were bundled out for 127 runs on board. And also not to mention the T20 win against New Zealand in the 1st followed by a tie in the 2nd (though the match was handed over to NZ after the super over) . Now, Australia is found to be facing the heat with a loss in the 1st ODI to the Kiwis.

Had the same match been played at home, Australia would no doubt been victorious. The lat match before the one under discussion that Australia lost was against India on its tour at Delhi in the 3rd one dayer. Since then, Australia had not lost even a single match irrespective of the format of the game that it was playing. Whatever, this loss need not termed as the end of the road for Australia. Not only regarding the fact that there are 4 more ODIs to go but also that Australia lost the match by a close margin which it can make up in the next meeting at Auckland.

However, more than the loss that Australia suffered, the main thing that is bound to haunt them is the timing of the loss. As cited above, Australia had won all of its encounters against Windies and Pakistan at home and a loss in the very first encounter to New Zealand down under will surely make fingers point towards Australia regarding their victory restricted only to home conditions and nowhere when it comes outside it. There is more of a probablity that Australia will win the series but, it is the margin of victory that matters. Will it be a 4-1 or a 3-2 win for Aussies which makes the difference!

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